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  • Blog with us!

    The Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities invites your blog submissions. General Submission Guidelines We are looking for submissions about healthcare inequities faced by people with disabilities and proposed solutions to make healthcare more equitable. We want …Read More »
  • Vaccine Allocation Confusion

    Are Vaccines Even Accessible? Vaccine Prioritization Decisions If you are confused about the vaccine allocation priority groups in your county or state, you are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is providing recommendations to federal, state, …Read More »
  • Steps to Develop a Disability Advocacy Response to Vaccine Roll-Out Plans

    Assess your state’s vaccine plan to find out what phase would include people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. If your state doesn’t specifically identify ID/DD, they would likely be included in the population described as “individuals under 65 with particularly …Read More »

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@erinhugs_gc @ThinkEquitable So true! In line with #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs, #DisabilityCompetencies needs to be framed in consultation with PwDs or Health professionals with disabilities. #ThinkEquitable

@ThinkEquitable It is common jargon in the field of bioethics, IVF and genetic research to refer to the rate of natural conception/reproduction as "inefficient."

Think about what that word holds in the relationship to nature, biology and imagining "perfection"
#ThinkEquitable #disabilityjustice

@ThinkEquitable @erinhugs_gc @PhilosopherCrip Thank you for hosting this great discussion! @erinhugs_gc and @PhilosopherCrip - your work on this is invaluable! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Finally, we need representation in the media. We need disabled rappers and rockstars, disabled movie stars, models for how we can and do live well. This the work of the disability movement and it is all connected.